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A brief profile of Nevio Doz, creator of the photographs in

Nevio Doz, the creator of the photographic artwork on this website (, describes himself, his craft, and the artwork created for Barolodibarolo: "You might say that my work has covered all the colours of the rainbow--and black and white, too! And not just photos!! My roots are in photojournalism and the daily news. After photography studies in Milano, I started "on the road"--literally: daily news, breaking stories, sports; the Corriere della Sera and the Associated Press were my real schools, plus the big magazines, such as L'Europeo, Epoca, Oggi, Gente, and others.
But times change, and even veteran free-lancers of the old school like me have to roll with the changes, so I stayed "on the road," doing stories just about everywhere for Italian and foreign publications. A certain predilection for irony has been a constant motif of my pictures--I've always greatly admired that great master Cartier Bresson--, and this psychological tone is apparent in so many of my portraits over the years. Recently, I've applied this personal "way of seeing" to the world of fine wine and food, interpreting "Made in Italy" in my own personal way.
The "Food, Wine & Smile" project was the result, and its latest additions have been some portraits I took in Barolo. It's a delicious project that combines food and wines produced in our "Bel Paese," gazing at them through the lens of irony, of respect, and of pride in these national treasures. My experiences in Barolo were, in a very fundamental way, a real step forward not only in my technical evolution but in my existential growth as well. There, in the heart of the Langhe, my own "gypsy heart" actually found a home, and for someone like me, with Balkan origins deep in my DNA, that says a lot about the life-force of this land and is people."
Nevio Doz works currently for many national and international publications. He does the photography for large entities such as Gardaland, and for smaller businesses as well. He designs exhibitions and publishes books at various moments, and professes to derive great personal satisfaction from all this!

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