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Osteria La Cantinella
Via Acqua gelata, 4/a - 12060 Barolo (Cn)
Tel. 0173/56267
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Year founded: 15/04/1995
Owner: Cravero Nella


Closed: Monday evening, Tuesday (In October open Monday evening as well]
Holidays: January and August

Capacity: 35 inside, 25 outside
Languages spoken: English and French
Typical dishes: Acciughe al verde, risotto al barolo, salsiccia al vino, brasato.

Prices: 30 €
Credit card: Yes

Location: In the historical centre of Barolo, at the beginning of Via Acqua Gelata that connects Piazza Colbert, with plenty of easy parking, to the Castello



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The visiting gourmet arriving in Barolo these days has more numerous opportunities, compared to just a few years ago, to sample typical dishes of the traditional Langhe cuisine and to enjoy them in a relaxed fashion, in particular if such a visit is one’s first to the area (and French and English are spoken here) and if one has limited experience with a gastronomic lexicon that privileges terms such as tajarin, agnolotti del plin, bagna cauda and panna cotta.
One of the classic dining establishments of Barolo, but with scarcely 9 years of history, since it was opened in April of 1995, is La Cantinella, created by Nella Cravero, barolese to her fingertips, who renovated a private home first into an osteria-vineria offering a combination of wine and typical “homecooked dishes,” and when that became successful, ambitiously upgraded it to a full-fledged restaurant, boasting a fine menu, wine list, and standard offerings, all strictly based, it goes without saying, upon the exceptional local ingredients and upon the dishes traditional to the Langa of Alba.
Today Nella, still in charge of the kitchen and the front, is flanked now by her daughter and by a young staff of assistants, and customers may dine inside in a brick-lined room with vaulted ceiling that holds 30-40, or, in fine weather, outside with space for 25, with a view of the Castello, and La Cantinella offers its guests not one but two menus.
The first is entitled buongustaio, or gourmet, and the second buona forchetta, or gourmand, and they feature the classic categories of antipasto, primo, secondo, formaggio, and dessert, with a wide range of possibilities to strike the diner’s fancy and that complement a generous wine list with Barolo occupying pride of place, of course, covering many producers of the town of Barolo and vintages back to 1990, but with a good selection of other wines, in primis Dolcetto and Barbera d’Alba, for a good, round representation.
La Cantinella has elected to not serve wine by the glass, but, for those who would prefer to drink a bit less in quantity but to remain on the high rungs of quality, the wine list includes a full page of half-bottles.
The cuisine fully represents the local traditional dishes, in particular obligatory specialties such as risotto al barolo, salciccia al vino, and brasato, and is based on the finest local produce and products; to the fullest extent possible, everything is hand-made in the kitchen, with the pastas rolled out by hand, of course, with the canonical number of eggs in the flour, and the same goes for the sweets.