Az. Agr. Cagliero s.s.
Via Monforte, 34 - 12060 Barolo (Cn)
Tel. 0173/56172 - 0173/56250 - 348 4082975 - Fax: 0173/56250
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Year founded: 1961 Owner: Cagliero Gian Carlo e Rosita


Total vineyard area: 6
Hectares planted to nebbiolo for Barolo: 2,5
Vineyards : Gallo, Ravera, Strà, Valletta, Nonna Marcellina, Ciabot
Winery visits possible: Yes
Retail sales at winery: Yes
Winery visits: Farm Holidays

Winery location:
Going from Barolo towards Monforte d’Alba, after some 600 metres from Barolo, take the road on the right that ascends the hill, just after a small picnic area. A sign marks the winery location.



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Wines produced: Langhe Nebbiolo(Canebbio), Chiamblò (vino da tavola), Barolo, Dolcetto d'Alba, Barbera d'Alba, Langhe Rosso (Galverno), Barolo chinato, and Barolo grappa.
Barolos produced and quantity: Barolo
First year Barolo production: 1961
Type of Barolo produced: Both styles
The family has owned this farm for over three centuries, but only after World War II did the family decide to bottle its own wines and to send out to the marketplace the Cagliero name proudly displayed on the front label. As for their Barolo, in fact, the exact year did indeed augur well, for 1961 was of mythical quality for their long-lived Barolos, and a dream for aficionados.
The mid-1990s witnessed significant upgrading and progress. The family poured investments into the winery, purchasing new land and restructuring vineyards and winemaking facility. From that moment on, The Cagliero family operation has been solidly based on continuous innovation, grafted onto tradition, and on uncompromising quality.
Today, the resources of the estate are considerable: fully six hectares of vineyards, with two and a half dedicated to nebbiolo for Barolo and the remainder planted to dolcetto and barbera. Almost all of these prestigious vineyards have been re-planted over the last few years and have now reached full maturity.
The winery produces Dolcetto d’Alba; Barbera d’Alba; Galverno, a Langhe Rosso (a blend of dolcetto and nebbiolo); Canebbio, a Langhe (from nebbiolo sourced from the Gallo vineyard in Barolo); and Chiamblò (barbera grapes from the Ciabot vineyard). The Caglieros offer two distinct Barolos. The classic-styled Barolo is sourced from the Gallo vineyard and given a two-week fermentation. The cru version is very distinctive, deriving from the great Ravera vineyard lying between the towns of Barolo and Novello. These grapes grow in different sections of the vineyard and exhibit a balance and softness that is obvious even in the young wine. It was, of course, traditional practice in these parts to blend together grapes sourced from different areas, and thus with slightly different characteristics, in order to obtain a more balanced wine.
The range of wines produced is an impressive one, and wine lovers can easily taste and purchase right at the winery. Tasting is a magical moment, to be carried out in complete calm and leisure: the Cagliero tasting room contributes to this. These same qualities are to be found throughout the winery and in their agritourism as well. Many of their most devoted customers, by now dear friends, return often, to spend a few days with them at the winery, to enjoy the rich, complex experience that the wines of the Langhe represent.