Pittatore Pier Giuseppe Az. Agr.
Via Preda, 9 - 12060 Barolo (Cn)
Tel. 0173/56110 - Fax: 0173/56110

Year founded: 1910
Owner: Pier Giuseppe Pittatore assisted by his wife Giuseppina and son Massimo


Total vineyard area: 3,53
Hectares planted to nebbiolo for Barolo: 2,60
Vineyards : Coste di Rose hectares 0,84 Preda hectares 1,73
Age of Vineyards: 1988
Winery visits possible: Yes (by telephone reservation)
Retail sales at winery: Yes
Winery visits: No

Winery location:
In the lower area of Barolo, on the road from downtown Barolo towards Alba




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Wines produced: Barolo, Dolcetto, Barbera
Barolos produced and quantity: 1.000 bt.
First year Barolo production: 1968
Type of Barolo produced: Traditional
Barolo, despite the important ring of its name and its widespread renown, due of course to the intrinsic quality of its wine, but also to its impressive list of medium- and large-sized wine firms, continues nevertheless to boast, as the most authentic aspect of its reality, a world of family farmers, of small winegrowers who still work their vineyards, as they always have, and, bound as they are to their land and to the hard, everyday tasks of the farmer, rarely emerge onto the well-lit public stage.
One of the “non-famous” that form so much of the fabric, or constitute the real backbone, of local Barolo production is Pier Giuseppe Pittatore, 65 years old, who personally manages his modest family wine estate in the out-of-the-way area of Preda, carrying on responsibilities inherited from his grandfather and father, working both cellar and the 3.5-hectare estate vineyard, with a hectare of barbera and dolcetto and two and half of nebbiolo for Barolo, assisted by his wife Giuseppina and, when he can find time from his main job, his son Massimo.
A genuine contadino, a type increasingly hard to find anymore, Pittatore works the vines, once helped by his brother, who has since died, comprising some 8,000 metres in the Costa di Rose cru and 1.7 hectares in the Preda vineyard, or Vignassa as he prefers to call it, all replanted in the late 1980s, in the traditional style, and he fertilises only with manure and sprays Bordeaux mixture by hand, ensuring that they are in perfect health and produce a yield consonant with high quality.
In his small but well-equipped cellar, too, Pittatore produces his Barolo in the old manner, using very long fermentations, even 35-40 days, and, having experimented with barriques and found them unsatisfactory, utilising only 10-12-year-old Slavonian oak botti holding 25 quintals for maturations.
His production, begun with the 1968 vintage with first releases in the 1970s, is very small, 2-3,000 bottles of Barolo sold directly from the cellar and through a firm in Nizza Monferrato, and takes all the time the wines want to mature with calm, to smooth out, and become Barolo, uncompromising, rough-tannined and with prominent acidity, but the genuine article, a product of the ancient tradition, a Barolo that still exists at Barolo, even in 2004, that can still be sought out, in modest cellars such as this one.