Scarzello Az. Agr.
Via Alba, 29 - 12060 Barolo (Cn)
Tel. 0173/56170 - Fax: 0173/56170
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Year founded: 1930
Owner: Giuseppe, Gemma and Federico Scarzello


Total vineyard area: 5 circa
Hectares planted to nebbiolo for Barolo: 2,5
Vineyards : Sarmassa 2ha, Terlo 0,5 ha
Age of Vineyards: 5-30
Winery visits possible: Yes (by telephone reservation)
Retail sales at winery: Yes
Winery visits: No

Winery location:
Downtown Barolo, on the right, facing the large Piazza Colbert




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Wines produced: Barbera d'Alba Superiore, Barolo, Dolcetto d'Alba, Barbera d'Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo, Barolo "Vigna Merenda"
Barolos produced and quantity: Barolo 3.500 bottles, Barolo "Vigna Merenda" 6.000 bottles
Directed by the Scarzello family since after the Second World War, first under Giuseppe Scarzello, at that time cellar master for a famous Barolo winery, the cellar always made wine from bought-in grapes, selling it in demijohns or in the “dopolavoro” shop in Barolo run by their grandmother. In the1960s they began to bottle their own wine, producing 2,000 bottles of Barolo, but continuing to sell Dolcetto in demijohns. A turning point came in the late 1970s, however, when in conjunction with the great vintage of 1978, they decided to bottle all the Barolo production, which subsequently received good reception in foreign markets (Germany, Switzerland, and the United States), and even more so in 1985, when they decided to bottle all their wines and leave the bulk wine market.
The winery today produces wine from 5 hectares of vineyard, of which nebbiolo for Barolo comprises 2.5 hectares, plus 2 hectares in the Sarmassa vineyard and a half hectare in the Terlo vineyard, with vine ages ranging from 5 to 30 years, and produces in addition Barbera d’Alba and Barbera d’Alba Superiore, Dolcetto d’Alba, and Langhe Nebbiolo; it can now boast, in addition to Giuseppe and his wife, he primarily working the vineyards and she the administration, new family recruits, represented by Federico Scarzello, who after finishing up in 2000 at the Scuola Enologica at Alba is continuing his oenology and viticultural studies in Torino, and has been supervising the winemaking since 1998.
The winery avoids using vinification and maturation techniques to define its winemaking style. 500-600-litre French oak casks and lengthy macerations on the skins have been the practice since 1997 for the Barbera d’Alba Superiore; the regular Barolo matures in seasoned casks of varying sizes, while the Sarmassa Vigna Merenda cru spends 28-30 months in 25-30-hectolitre Slavonian oak casks with staves of average thickness. What is important about Barolo, according to the Scarzellos, is to let the tannins show through, as long as the wine’s elegance and freshness are not compromised.