Cascina Adelaide di Amabile Drocco
Via Aie Sottane, 14 -12060 Barolo (Cn)
Tel. 0173/560503 - Fax: 0173/560963
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Year founded: 1817
Owner: Drocco Amabile and sons - (assisted by: Molino Sergio, Monticelli Edoardo, Berruti Gianpiero, Negro Marco)


Total vineyard area: 7
Hectares planted to nebbiolo for Barolo: 5,14
Vineyards : Cannubi 0,54 ha, Fossati 2,3 ha, Croera 0,3 ha, Preda 2 ha
Age of Vineyards: from 4 to 35 years
Winery visits possible: Yes (with reservation beforehand)
Retail sales at winery: Yes
Winery visits: Winery lodgings available for guest stays.



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Wines produced: Dolcetto, Barbera, Langhe, Barolo
Barolos produced and quantity: Barolo generico, Barolo Cannubi, Barolo Preda, Barolo Croera 38.000 bt.
Type of Barolo produced: Traditional
What a peculiar thing wine is, so beguiling and so absorbing that countless times it has compelled, and doubtless shall in the future compel, those coming from other worlds, and from experiences far removed from wine, to embrace its fortunes with such all-devouring and contagious passion that they consider--with scarce objectivity but with overwhelming emotion--the long labours of others preceding them a mere blip, a brief parenthesis, a preparation, perhaps, for themselves, as they throw themselves into the mysteries of vineyard sprays, casks, and clarifications.